Bride and groom standing on green grass at dusk.  Behind them is moody sky with beautiful clouds.
Richard taking his groom slippers off to put some colourful socks on with his wedding shoes.
The groom laughin as his best man attempts to attach the button hole flowers onto his suit.
Looking up at a groomsman putting on his tie.  Captured by Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Lynn & Justin.
Claire and her matron of honour smiling and laughing in black and white.
The bridemaids standing around the bride discussing her hair style.
The bride having her make up done photographed through the reflection in a mirror.
A side on look of Claire, the bride while she gets her makeup done with soft lighting behind her.  By Lynn & Justin.
The bridal party cheekily poke their heads out of the door all dressed in matching floral robes.
Claire's look of excitement as she shows her bridesmaids her wedding dress.
An emotional moment between the bride and her father as they hold hands and hold back tears. By Lynn & Justin.
Grandma in her wheelchair with her oxygen tank eagerly awaiting the brides arrival.  Captured by Lynn & Justin.
Claire and her bridesmaids taking a silly selfie.  Captured by Brisbane wedding photographers Lynn & Justin.
A silhouette of the groomsmen waiting for the wedding ceremony to start.
The bride, her father and bridesmaides lined up ready to walk down the aisle. By Lynn & Jusitn.
Claire and Richard facing their guests from the front of the ceremony site.
The brides parents sitting at the ceremony as the mother of the bride wipes her eyes with a hanky.
The bride and groom holding hands at the arbour where they are getting married.
A hand poking out from the seats taking a photo from a phone of the bride and groom. Captured by Lynn & Justin.
The first kiss captured in black and white by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
Happiness as the maid of honour congratulates the groom on getting married.
Richard is hugged by his mother after the wedding ceremony concludes. Claire can be seen in the background.
A portrait of the wedding party walking towards the camera in a line with mountains in the background.
The groomsmen laughing amongst themselves during the portrait session.  By Brisbane wedding photographer, Lynn & Justin.
A portrait of Claire and Richard looking at eachother with mountains in the background. By Lynn & Justin.
The bride and groom stepping over mud. The groom holds the bouquet and the bride is wearing pink gumboots.
The bride and groom feeding a highland cow in a grassy field. By Lynn & Justin.
A close up of a highland cow eating grass during Claire and Richard's portrait session.
Two highland cows frame the bride and groom as they embrace for the portrait.
Claire and Richard being silly with eachother during their wedding portrait session.
Claire and Richard pose together in a field with trees filling the background. By Lynn & Justin.
The bride and groom make their entrance to their nighttime reception.
Claire and Richard look on from the crowd as the best man makes a speech.
Claire and Richard laugh together at their table that is filled with flowers. Fairy lights glitter in the background.
The bride and groom's first dance outside in the rain. Fairy lights surround the frame.
Claire and Richard's first dance captured by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justn.
A guest gives the thumbs up from the action on the dancefloor. By Lynn & Justin.
Two guests hold arms as they dance together with big smiles.
Claire and Richard eating gelato at their wedding reception with the word 'love' lit up in the background.
Guests having fun on the dancefloor together with arms up in the air.
The bride and her maid of honour sharing a laugh out on the dancefloor. By Lynn & Justin.
Claire and Richard boogie together on the dancefloor. Portrayed in black and white by Lynn & Justin.
Looking up at a wedding guest drinking a glass of wine.  Only his hands and eyes are visible.
Two wedding guests dancing with their arms in the air.  Captured by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
Looking up at the bride and groom as they dance on the rain soaked dancefloor with a green disco light behind them.
The groom and his guest having a drink and a laugh together. Taken by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
Four wedding guests dance and sing together. Captured by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
Looking up at some wedding guests as they have fun on the dancefloor.
The groom and his brother dancing at the wedding reception with drinks in hand.
A bridesmaid and her husband dance with arms out and big smiles.
The bride and groom embracing outside with their wedding guests in the background cheering.

Claire & Richard's Wedding Team


Adam's peak country estate, Hunter valley

Concierge, MC, Duet & DJ

White clover music

hair & Makeup

White hair & makeup


Worn out wares

Gelato Bar

Chameleon event hire


monkey place catering