Bride and groom laugh as they exchange vows at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
Peeping into the bathroom as a bridesmaid steam irons her dress.
Hayley, the bride, taking time out to lay down with her friends' baby before gettting married.
Looking up at the groom as he puts on his tie. Taken by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
The hair and makeup stations in action during the morning prepartions for Hayley's wedding.
A candid moment of bridesmaid, Whitney, laughing at her phone during the morning preparations.
A bridesmaid holding a mirror in front of her face to see her finished wedding day hair style.
Tanya full of expression as she gets her hair done for her bridesmaid duties.
The bridesmaids passing a baby around with concerning expressions.
Sam's groomsmen taking selfies and having fun after they are dressed up in their suits.
A silhouette of the groom on his phone in the window moments before he sees his bride.
Hayley's bridesmaids full of expression with arms in the air as they see her for the first time.
Hayley and Decina hugging during an emotional moment before putting the wedding gown on.
The bride pulling a silly face as her bridal party hold their bouquets around her head.
The bride approaching the groom before their first look. Captured by Brisbane wedding photographer,  Lynn & Justin.
The bridal party excitedly watching on as Hayley and Sam see eachother for the first time before getting married.
Hayley wipes away tears from Sam's face as they see eachother for the first time before getting married.
A groomsman pulling a silly face at Brisbane wedding photogphers, Lynn & Justin's camera.
Hayley and Sam having fun during their portrait session, laughing and being silly.
First look bridal portrait session at Snapper Rocks, Queensland.
A bride and groom pose for their Snapper Rocks portrait session in front of the surf.
A transitional moment of the bridal party walking back to the car along the walkway at Snapper Rocks, Queensland.
A candid moment shared between a groom and his mother captured by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
Guests seated at an indoor ceremony at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
Tears from the mother of the bride during the wedding ceremony of Hayley and Sam. Captured by Lynn & Justin.
The groom reading his vows to his bride as the guests in the background watch on.
The groom laughing during his vows at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
A view of the guests of Hayley and Sam's wedding from behind the arbour where they read their vows.
The bride and groom exchange their first kiss with the guests looking on in the background.
The bride and groom dancing out the front of their wedding venue at Ancora. Taken by Lynn & Justin.
The MC reading his speech with a humorously long list of paper that flows down to the floor.
A peek through the crowd to the bride and groom as they laugh during the speeches at their wedding.
The groom's father doing his speech with the lamps of Ancora hanging on the ceiling above him.
A beautifully lit black and white representation of the groom's father's speech.
Sam on the microphone with Hayley spreading her arms open wide as they thank their wedding guests at Ancora.
A mid shot of the bride grabbing the groom's bottom.
Overlooking the dj's control panel with him off to the right mixing songs.
Wedding guests at Ancora dancing together. Moment captured by Brisbane wedding photographer, Lynn & Justin.
Wedding guests being silly on the dancefloor.
Sam, the groom being lifted up in a chair towards the ceiling on the dancefloor at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
Hayley, the bride being lifted up in a chair by the groomsmen.  She has a very surprised look on her face.
Hayley looking very worried as she was lifted up in her chair by the groomsmen on her wedding night.
A wedding guest dancing in front of the camera with a drink in one hand and hair blown over her face.
A wedding guest dancing with one arm extended right out the the camera of Lynn & Justin, Brisbane wedding photographers.
An older wedding guest dancing and having fun at Ancora.
A couple dancing together with a beam of light shining through between them.
Two wedding guests pose for the camera at the reception, taken by Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
The groom's father on the dancefloor with drink in hand.
A bridesmaid and her partner dancing together with smiles on their faces at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
A black and white image of a guest leaning in towards the camera. By Brisbane wedding photographers, Lynn & Justin.
A couple links arms as they dance at Ancora.
Two people singing at Hayley and Sam's wedding at Ancora, Tweed Heads.
Hayley, the bride, twirling her dress on the dancefloor with her hair flying around.
Happy wedding guests singing and clapping while they sip their drinks at the bar.
With arms outstretched towards the camera the wedding guest poses on the dancefloor.
The bride and groom chatting at the bar in the back while the foreground shows two waiters whispering to eachother.
Hayley putting on some robot moves on the dancefloor in her wedding dress at Ancora.
An Oreo cupcake with the bride and grooms wedding rings sitting on top.
The bride and groom embracing under a tree filled with fairy lights at the front of Ancora.  By Lynn & Justin.

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