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Helping you remember how your wedding day looked and felt is one thing, but we also want to make sure that we give you the best experience that we possible can!

Here's how it all works...


How will you approach our wedding?

We're creative story tellers, not creative story writers. So for 95% of your wedding day, we won't direct or intervene in any way with what's happening in front of us.

We want you to remember your wedding day as it actually happened - be it laughs and smiles or tears and boogers - from the most interesting and engaging perspectives that we can come up with.

When the time comes for portraits (the other 5%), you can take comfort in knowing that awkward poses and cheesy grins won't be a feature at all. We'll simply give you gentle prompts that will take the focus right off the photography and on to the two of you connecting in a fun and natural way.

Want to spray each other with champagne and jump in the ocean? Let's do it. Want to lay quietly in the grass with each other and have a nice warm hug? Let's do that too. Our cameras are just there to prove that it all happened and to bring you back to those moments.

What if we're terrible with photos?

Almost all of our couples have said to us when we first met them that they felt awkward in front cameras.

As photographers, we can tell you the main reason for it. Everyone (including us) is programmed from an early age to freeze, smile and pose when a camera gets put in our faces. Most of the time, we tend to cringe at the results and either give up or try again until we like how we look. It's very much a self image thing.

But, have you ever noticed that it's usually the more candid, off-the-cuff photos that you love seeing yourself in the most? That's because they're a true, uncontrived reflection of who you, and the people you love, really are.

So when it comes to portraits, we'll give you simple prompts and guidance to help you interact with each other in natural ways, blissfully unaware that there's even a camera in your presence. Nothing forced, nothing fake. It's the secret sauce to getting you both to be completely comfortable.

As for the other 95% of the wedding day, our couples always tell us that they barely noticed our cameras, even when they were right in front of them!

Where do you travel to?

We pretty much have two homes - the Hunter Valley and Brisbane. Lots of family and friends in both places, so we travel around a fair bit.

So it makes sense that most of our couples have their weddings in and around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley. Occasionally, we'll have a couple who'll bring along to their destination wedding.

No where is off limits though, so let us know where it's all going down and we'll take a look at our schedule for you!

Can you help us with our planning?


Having been to a lot more weddings than most people and also being involved in them for the entire day, you can safely say that we've seen absolutely everything there is to see.

Timelines, coordinating with vendors, tips to make your day go smoothly - we have advice on just about anything wedding related.

We'll throw some little pointers your way from time to time, but if you ever need our advice for anything before your wedding day rolls around, please hit us up at any time. Even if it's just to vent about how hard it all is!

We're here for you!

How many photos will we receive?

Our couples usually receive about 700-1,000 photos for a typical full day wedding. Sometimes more or less depending on how much action there is, how many guests are present and just the nature of the wedding in general.

What you won't be getting, however, is a couple of thousand bog average photos with little or no attention to detail. We're all about quality over quantity!

When will we receive our photos?

Usually 5-7 weeks on average, with a bunch of sneak peeks sliding into your messages while we're editing!

During this time, your wedding will become a part of our daily life as we curate your photos and edit them in our punchy, true-to-life style, with each photo getting hands on treatment.

We'll also be creating your gallery and slideshow, as well as putting together a personalised guide to building your wedding album!

What happens if the weather is shitty?

First of all, try not to let the possibility of rain ruin your wedding day before it's even started!

Make some simple back up plans and be comfortable embracing whatever the sky dishes up. We can tell you from plenty of experience - including our own wedding - that the weather really doesn't matter as much as you think it will right now.

Secondly, bad weather - be it rain, wind, hail or thunder - can often make a wedding day exciting in a different way, because everything suddenly becomes unpredictable.

We've come close to being blown off a mountain with our couple during a massive wind storm and we've also been on outdoor dance floors in torrential rain. And yet, everyone had the absolute time of their lives!

And no matter what happens, we're well equipped to handle any kind of weather or lighting conditions that are thrown at us. So whether you're happy to get married in the rain or you decide to move your ceremony into an underground bomb shelter, we'll shoot it and it'll look awesome!

"Thank you for making our experience so flawless!"

allison & Pat

"Lynn & Justin made us feel so comfortable!"

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"We could not have picked a better couple to capture our day!"

Jo & Luke

Everything you need

Wedding coverage

You'll have both of us all day long, from getting ready in the morning through to the ceremony, portraits and the reception. No limits on time, no limits on the number of photos taken, nothing to distract you or us from being fully present! After your wedding, we'll put on a special date night for you to see your photos for the first time, as well as deliver all of your photos in a private gallery where you can download them in full resolution.

Engagement Session

Your Engagement Session will be the best way for the four of us to get to know each other before your wedding day rolls around. Whether it's playing in the water at the beach, going for a hike with your dogs or visiting your favourite ice cream shop - laid back, fancy or full on, anything goes! We'll head out with some drinks, maybe catch a sunset and make some awesome photos together. What's more, it's on the house!

Custom Album

Your wedding photos are going to look amazing on a screen, but they definitely don’t deserve to live out their days on your phone, hard drive or an old Instagram post buried deep in your profile. So we're going to work with you to design and create your very own luxury handcrafted album for your growing family to see, touch, remember and enjoy with all of your senses for generations to come. You'll absolutely love this!

starting at 4200

Includes your engagement session
Album starts at 800

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