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Family Photographers Based in SIngleton, NSW

We're Lynn & Justin

We’ve been together since high school and for the most recent chunk of our lives, we've become award winning wedding photographers.

We're also parents to our two boys, Joshua and Ashton, as well as our big fluffy border collie, Alfie.

By bringing our unique style of documentary wedding photography to family photos, we're going capture this phase in your families history without the cheesiness, awkwardness and stress.

About us

"Top 2% In The World For Wedding Photojournalism"

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What makes us different?

Zero posed photos

Remember your last family photo shoot? Standing in a line in front of a random tree doing awkward poses for an hour? With us, you can take comfort in knowing that cheesy poses WON'T be a feature at all. Nothing forced, nothing fake. It's the secret sauce to creating memorable photos that showcase who you and your family really are.

Real Connections

When you look back at your photos, you'll want to remember the things that REALLY matter. The way your kids laugh at each other while playing at beach, how your parent's eyes light up when their grandkids give them a big, squeezy hug, or the way your dog jumps in your lap and leaves a shiny coat of drool all over your cheek!

Let the kids be kids

We get it, kids can go feral in a split second when there's cameras around. So why put the pressure on them? Our experience in over 100 full day weddings has seen us capture countless kids in the best and the worst in moods. So we'll help them out by ditching the posing, making things fun and allowing them to be themselves. No bribes necessary!

"We were absolutely blown away by our photos!"

The Woodleys - SINGLETON, NSW

"10/10 - Would get photographed again!"

Monique, Reinald & Reilly - SINGLETON, NSW

"Lynn & Justin will go above and beyond all of your expectations!

Tamara, Brad & Freyja - BRISBANE, QLD

"They made our whole family feel Special!"

The Spellmans - GOLD COAST, QLD


Where can we go and what can we do?

Anywhere and anything you like!

Whether you just want some nice photos in a nice location, or you want to take the family out to do an activity that you all love, anything goes!

Walking around some pretty gardens, hanging out at the beach, going for a hike, taking the boat out for a spin, backyard cricket, buying your favourite ice creams - whatever you can come up with, we'll be there to capture it!

Do you offer albums and wall art?

Hell yeah we do!

Your family photos deserve so much more than to be stuck on your hard drive or an old Instagram post! Seeing them bright and big every day will put a smile on your face every morning!

With us, you'll have access the exact same range of luxurious custom albums and modern wall art prints that we give to our wedding couples!

Designed by us and handcrafted by our partner lab in Italy, we'll work with you to put together a family album like nothing you've ever seen before!

You can also purchase world class acrylic and canvas prints directly from your gallery. Unlike Big W, Snapfish and Harvey Norman, your wall art will be created with museum grade archival materials and inks, meaning you'll enjoy true, quality colours that will last a lifetime.

Help! We're terrible with photos!

We could count on one hand how many people HAVEN'T said this. It's totally common and completely normal.

The reason we all get a little bit anxious is that everyone (including us) has been programmed to freeze, pose and smile in front of cameras. A lot of the time, we cringe at the results and either give up or try again until we like how we look. A real self image thing!

But, have you ever noticed that it's usually the more candid stuff that you love seeing yourself in the most? That's because they're a true reflection of who you and your family really are.

So when it comes to portraits, we'll give you simple prompts and guidance to help you interact with each other in fun and natural ways, blissfully unaware that there's even cameras around!

No awkward poses, no forced smiles.

One of the most common compliments we get from both our wedding couples and our families is how comfortable we make everyone feel!

What's included?

Just like weddings, you'll have both of us shooting your family session. No limits on what we can do, no limits on the number photos you'll receive, nothing to distract you or us from being fully present.

Once your photos are ready, you'll see your them for the first time through a carefully curated cinematic slideshow, as well as having all of your photos available in a private gallery where you can download them in full resolution.

On top of that, you'll also receive a $100 credit towards an album or any wall art that you'd love to get your hands on for yourself or your loved ones.

Priced at 995 495

includes Album or wall art credit valued at 100
For a short time only!

We'd love to meet you!

Ready to have us document your family at this stage of your lives? Get in touch with us below and let us know what kind of ideas you've got cooking, along with any questions you may have. Talk soon!