Our Story

When we were in high school and living absolutely nowhere near each other, we managed to cross paths by the slimmest of chances and we've been together ever since. Our first date was a week long holiday! Hell of a long story. Apart from shooting weddings, we do pretty much everything together. Running, hiking, cooking (we put on a killer Mexican night), endless road trips up and down the coast, sampling the best pizza and burger joints wherever we go, hitting the beach or the slopes and plenty more. We often have multi-day conversations using only GIFs and although we look after ourselves, a perfect night for us is having a pig out and watching lowbrow comedies.

These days, we’ve got two barnacles who share all the fun with us. Our little guy Joshua and our goofy border collie, Alfie. Before Josh came around, we’d joke about the ridiculously slim odds of having a baby on Christmas Day. Josh was born on 25th December at 11pm. And Alfie? He was born on our wedding anniversary and can do back flips and ring door bells.

"With Lynn & Justin, you feel like you're just hanging out with friends!"

—Kaye & Alpha


Before becoming a wedding photographer, I owned a remedial massage clinic for 13 years. I can’t get enough of dogs, especially border collies. Every now and then we take Alfie to the beach with a big group of borders and it just makes me smile. I can move each of my eyes independently, which drives Justin insane. I’m an OG Beastie Boys fan. I also give endearing names to inanimate objects around the house.


I love to run and the 1500m is my jam. I’ve always had a for thing flying and I actually flew my first solo before I could drive a car. My face sweats if I eat too much chocolate in one go. The worst thing in the world to me is a huntsman on the wall. Being an only child, I’m a tad uncomfortable with sharing my food and Lynn, being from a big Irish family, has tried and failed to fix me.

Hired help is boring

We'd rather be your friends with cameras

Hired help is boring

We'd rather be your friends with cameras

"Lynn & Justin are warm, genuine and lovely people to work with!"

—Allison & Pat

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